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Full Tilt   27%
Absolute Poker   30%
Ultimate Bet   30%
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cakepoker rakeback
  • Accepts U.S. players
  • 110% Deposit Bonus
      Up to $600
  • 24/7 Support
  • Daily Cashouts
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Absolute Poker Rakeback


As Absolute Poker has closed, the best deal nowadays is the Pokerstars rakeback. Check it here


Absolute Poker Rakeback for you Absolute Poker Rakeback for you

Absolute Poker is a large online poker card room with a lot of traffic. Their bad beat jackpot is famous for reaching astronomical levels. The highest ever paid bad beat jackpot was $813k in February 2009.

Absolute Poker caters to a crowd of low and mid-stakes players, with only occasional action at high stakes. No-limit full ring, 6-max and heads-up tables are all active, as well as sit'n go and tournaments. The software is state of the art and offers flawless player enjoyment.

Absolute Poker Rakeback Details

  • rakeback: 30%
  • bonus: 100% up to $500
  • rakeback paid: any time, including daily
  • rake race: $21k monthly
  • other promotions: $4k weekly freeroll
  • rakeback method: weighted contributed rakeback
  • tournament fees: included in rake calculation
  • bonus: deducted from rakeback calculation
  • multitabling: up to 9 tables
  • support: 24/7

Absolute Poker Rakeback for you

How to get Rakeback at Absolute Poker

Please follow all instructions exactly. This way you will be registered properly and will benefit from our rakeback offers. If you do not fill the form, we cannot track your rake.

  1. If you have installed the Absolute Poker software before, uninstall it.
  2. Delete cookies. This ensures that you are correctly set up to receive rakeback.
  3. Download and install Absolute Poker software by following the link provided HERE.
  4. Create a real money account at Absolute Poker.
    Use the sign up code REDUCTION in order to enter the rakeback program.
  5. Choose a screen name.
  6. Fill the new user registration form
  7. Start playing and getting rakeback at Absolute Poker.
  8. Once your information is confirmed in our database, you will be sent the login information to follow your rake.


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