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Rakeback FAQ

If you are interested in rakeback, you already know a lot. Once you hear about rakeback, the rest is easy. Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions.

What is the rake?

The card room offering poker games has to be paid somehow. In tournaments, they get the "fee". In cash games, they get the "rake". This is a commission deducted from all large pots. Usually the rake is 5% applied only to the pots which have reached the flop, with a maximum of $3 rake. Check each online room for the exact details, as there are slight variations from one room to the next.

Sharks get rakeback, not fish

What is the rakeback?

Rakeback is a special deal where the card room pays you back part of the rake though a rakeback provider like us. This is only for the most advanced players who realize that the rake has a significant influence on their bankroll. But fish do not get rakeback.

How do I get Rakeback?

You must first choose a poker room in our list of offers. Click the name of the room in our list on the top left, and follow the instructions for signing up. Then just start playing, and rakeback will start accruing in your account.

How can we offer this deal?

Online poker rooms know that in the current competitive poker market, they must offer incentives to their most active players if they want to make them loyal customers. As they only make these offers to the most advanced players, they use rakeback providers such as to market these products.

How will I get paid?

Once you rakeback account is set up, you will be able to transfer your rakeback at any time. The rakeback will then be transferred directly into your poker account at the poker site where you play.

What are the different rakeback methods?

There are three rakeback calculation methods

  1. Average contributed Rakeback: for each pot, all players who played the hand gets the same average rakeback,
  2. Weighted contributed Rakeback: each player gets rakeback proportional to the number of chips he put in the pot,
  3. Dealt Rakeback: all the players who got cards dealt to them will get a share of the rakeback.

Can I still get my bonus if I sign up to your rakeback offer?

Yes, you will receive your poker bonus and any other incentive offered by the poker room. The bonus is deducted from your rake, but it is still better to get both the bonus and the rake than just one of them.

Why should I sign up?

Rakeback is just like free money. So anyone should sign up. But if you do not claim it, you will not get it. It is like the little secret of online poker, only the more informed players know about the rakeback.

If you only play poker casually at low stakes, you probably do not need to sign up. But if you are serious about poker and play regularly, the rake can reach considerable amounts, sometimes thousands of dollars each month. So not signing up would be foolish.

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