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Book Review

Title:  Elements of Poker
Author:  Tommy Angelo
Publisher:  Tommy Angelo
Price:  $29.95
Pages:  266
ISBN:  1419680892
rating:  texas holdem poker book review stars

Let us say it from the start, this is not a beginners' book. You should already have played for a while if you want to appreciate the wisdom offered in Elements of Poker.

This book is not the typical poker book about how to play such and such hand, when to raise, etc. This is a book about how to think about poker and how to improve your attitude toward poker. Some top players consider this book as one of the most original poker book recently published.

Tommy Angelo is a well-known high stakes poker player, poker coach and poker author. He has been playing poker professionally since 1990 and has a lot under his belt to share with us. Among his pupils, he coached Phil Galfond a.k.a. OMGClayAiken who won the WSOP $5,000 Pot-Limit Omaha w/Rebuys event in 2008.

Elements of Poker will improve your game in unexpected ways because of its emphasis on unusual aspects of poker. For instance, every poker player has his A-game, his B-game & his C-game. One way to improve your skills is to improve your C-game. It means that if you can focus on improving the way you play your worse game, then you will improve your overall game.

Elements of Poker only deals with Texas Hold'em Poker. It has a very detailed section about live casino poker, as well as Internet, ring games and tournaments chapters in addition to the more general parts.

Tommy stresses the importance of fighting tilt. As he writes, the difference between players at low and high stakes is that at high stakes, they adapt faster and recover faster from tilt. Additionally, knowing when to quit is an important skill which can help the bottom line.

Tommy Angelo's Elements of Poker is about the psychology of poker, which will help you see your favorite poker hobby from a different angle. It is recommended reading by some top guns nosebleed stakes players. "Tommy's book is the best poker book I've ever read" -- Jay Rosenkrantz, a.k.a. krantz.

First read a few poker theory books from our poker book section before considering buying this book. You can also consult Tommy Angelo's website to gather more information.


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