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What bets what in poker (increasing strength order)

Hand Description Example
High Card This is the weakest hand, with no valuable combination so that only the highest card matters. The example is a king high hand.
One Pair There must be two cards of identical rank, such as two aces. The example is a pair of aces, the highest possible pair (a pair of twos is the lowest and weakest pair).
Two Pairs There must be two cards of identical rank twice and the remaining card is a blank. The example is two pairs, aces and nines.
Set A set (aka three of a kind or trip) is a hand where three cards have identical rank. The example is a set of nines. This is a very strong hand.
Straight This is a very different type of hand where the five ranks of the five cards are in sequence. The example is a "queen high" straight.
Flush The five cards must be of the same suit. The example is an "ace high" flush, which is the strongest flush, the second strongest being the "king high" flush.
Full House A full house (aka boat) is a set plus a pair. The example is a pair of aces and a set of nines, i.e. a full house nines full of aces.
Quad There must be four identical cards to have a quad (aka four of a kind). If two player have a quad, the 5th card (the kicker) will determine the winner, 9 in the example of a quad of aces.
Straight Flush A straight flush is both a flush and a straight, hence much rarer than each type. The example is a jack high straight flush.
Royal Flush The royal flush is an ace-high straight flush. This is the rarest and highest ranking hand as only four cases exist, one for each suit.


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