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European Online Casinos

Regulation and availability of online casinos in Europe (except UK and Germany)

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The regulation and availability of online casinos in Europe (except UK and Germany) keeps on changing. This can be a frustrating situation for the people who are really interested in online casino gaming.

They are going to have to keep on checking the legal status of online casino games, and this is only going to make it harder for them to make relevant long-term plans.

In some ways, Europe is fairly lenient to casino operators, whether they are operating land-based casinos or online casinos. There are thirty-nine countries throughout the world where online casinos have been subjected to a complete ban.

European guidelines

However, this is much more common throughout the Middle East, Africa, East Asia and South Asia, the United States, and in certain parts of South America. This situation is fairly rare in Europe.

In Europe, in most cases, casinos are going to need a license in order to operate and that's all. In other countries, while local casinos have been banned, foreign casinos are allowed, and this is a situation that is more common in Europe than it is throughout the rest of the world. This is the situation in Australia as well, and Australia is considered one of the best countries for gamblers.

Africa and South American have the most countries where casinos are not banned and where casinos are not subjected to major regulations. The United States is still regarded as one of the worst countries in the world for gamblers if not the worst.

Lack of availability of online casinos worldwide

Online casinos are going to be unavailable for around fifty-six percent of the global population, at least when they're not on vacation elsewhere.

Different countries are going to make it harder or easier to play online video poker. Vegas Palms Online Casino games just are not going to be available to everyone, no matter how much people might want to play.

There are plenty of European countries that are fairly harsh on online casino usage. France is one of the worst. In France, the citizens are not going to be able to play in around seventy percent of the online casinos of the world.

Fifty percent of the world's online casinos are off-limits to people in Spain, and around forty-five percent of them are off-limits to people in Italy.

There are fewer restrictions in both Belgium and Denmark. People in Sweden, Austria, and Iceland are going to be able to play in the majority of casinos online, so these countries illustrate the opposite end of the spectrum in Europe.

With some European countries, the situation is just very odd. In Norway, for instance, online casinos are subject to licenses and regulations but they are not banned.

Land-based casinos, on the other hand, are banned in Norway. It's possible that as online casinos become more popular, many of the restrictions on them that exist in such a large portion of the world will be lifted.

This situation is clearly not sustainable. However, as it stands, the reach of online casinos is still somewhat uneven.



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