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The Best in Live Dealer Casinos

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When it comes to the glitz and glamour of playing in a casino, it is hard to be the atmosphere of a real casino, and whilst that is not always possible for many of us, there is the next best alternative, and that is a Live Dealer casino game which can be played on your desktop or mobile device. looks into what these Live Dealer Casinos have to offer the player.

So firstly, what is a Live Dealer Casino? it is a casino website or app that is a front end into a croupier who is normally in a studio somewhere making the bets, and interacting with you directly as a player. Most of the offerings feature a live video stream of the action as well, so you will feel like you are actually there taking part.

But unlike a real casino, you can be at home, snuggled up in bed, or on the sofa in your pyjamas and no-one will know.

The other attraction of these casinos is that there isn’t a computer-generated pseudo-random number generator determining whether you win or not, there is a real person either spinning the wheel or dealing your cards, and they can do it precisely the way you want it too. This provides a massive level of confidence for players, as they feel completely in control of the situation.

All you need is a desktop, laptop or mobile device and a fast broadband internet connection, and you are all set to go.

So what are the other benefits? it is available 24/7/365, normally features highly attractive and beautiful dealers, as well as offering great promotions for live players.

In terms of downsides, the only downside is that you will need either a decent spec computer with a fast processor and lots of RAM, as well as your quick internet connection or a modern smartphone with a lot of processing power so that you can get smooth video and quick responsiveness.

In terms of games there are many different ones available such as the following:

Live Casino Roulette

Much like regular roulette, this has all the things that you would expect, such as a wheel, a table, a ball, and betting aplenty. You get the standard variations of European or American roulette. The only difference is that instead of relying on a computer to spin the ball, you have a real-life dealer making the spins for you.

Live Blackjack

This is again much like regular blackjack you have all the fun of hitting, sticking, doubling down, splitting and making blackjack exactly the same as you do in the regular casino game and as such, this is immensely popular. The big draw being that you get to see the croupier shuffling the cards, and dealing the cards, while smart cameras are used to detect what cards are dealt to you.

Live Casino Texas Hold-em Poker

This is a variant of standard Texas Hold-em except instead of playing against other players you are playing against a real dealer that you can see, and who deals the cards out to you. The game is still played in exactly the same way, and you can make real money.



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