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Essential Texas Hold’em Moves: The Light Three-Bet

Playing poker requires skills and strategy. Experienced players have their secret moves to enhance the weak hands and use them in later streets. Do you want to make more money with simple poker moves? There are a few special moves that you should know about. Mastering them won’t take you much time, and you will increase your chances of big wins. However, you should know when and where to apply the move. You don’t want to leave weak hands that can affect your performance. The light three-bet is useful, but only when applied to the right hands.

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Explaining the move

The light three-bet is a move with two consequential raises. When the game is repetitive, this move will bring some dynamics. A flop follows the re-raise. The move is perfect for the situations in which the opening raiser’s hand is better than yours. Some refer to the move as a semi-bluff. You are raising a hand that doesn’t have potential at the moment. But, it can yield success in one of the following streets. Players tend to have more aggressive reactions. This is a significant advantage if you want to undertake the light three-bet move. Players will be over-raising too much before the flop. You can quickly identify this behavior and reveal the loose players. Put the re-raise, even if you don’t have the backup.

When should you use light three-bet?

The move is beneficial when there are loose players in the game. Identify an aggressive playing style and apply the move. Try to identify the loose player to increase your odds. You can recognize them if they do the open-raising repeatedly. You can direct the game conveniently, as they will have to fold marginal hands.

Experience players wouldn’t recommend applying this move randomly. You want to pick the hands that have great potential later. When waiting for a premium isn’t your option; it is time for a light-three bet. No matter which cards you have, the other players will be forced to close.

The risks

The light three-bet is a powerful move. However, it is associated with risks in the poker game. You must use the power at the right moment. Otherwise, you risk leaving a big leak. Beginners should have a better understanding of the move before trying to implement it in their game. Playing the hand after the big flop is crucial. Stick with the move only when the hand is right. Also, you can take advantage of the marginal hands that guarantee good flops. Make sure that you avoid the weak hands that will take away your freedom later in the game.

If you don’t feel confident about applying the move, practice before the real game. Online sites such as allow you to play the game online and grasp how the real poker looks.

Things to avoid

Don’t use only kings and aces when applying this move. Your opponents will read your move and use this to their advantage. You will find it difficult to win money, even if you have a monster to your advantage. Try to mix in some speculative hands to confuse them. Balancing the range is a thing that you shouldn’t forget about when dropping the light three-bet. Go for a balanced mix of premium and speculative hands to camouflage your moves.

Final thoughts

The light three-bet is an essential move in poker. It is one of the basic moves that you will learn as a beginner. As a player, you must be aware of the situations in which you need to act. Balance your range, as you don’t want to be caught by the opponents.



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