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People who put a ding in the universe of casino

Some gamblers win big

European casino room Each of us occasionally want to feel the taste of luck and victory (big wins if talking about casinos). There is probably no man in the world who would not dream to win a large sum of money.

Some people try to bring such dreams into reality that is why they are buying lottery tickets or making visits to casinos. By the way, at the moment, it is far more easier to be able to win a large sum than it was a couple of centuries ago.

For example, anyone can get online casino free spins on sign up and start playing casino games for real money trying to win some real cash.

Most certainly it is notorious that most casino players lose their money, but among them are the lucky ones who are and were able to break the system and achieve significant success in gambling.

Below you will find the stories of some people who put a ding in the universe of casino (in a nutshell).

William Bergstrom

William Bergstrom entered the history of gambling as The Suitcase Man or Phantom Gambler. The Texan who earned a fortune on horse trade. His slogan was: to win big, make big bets.

Once Bergstrom heard about rule set in Horseshoe casino, which claimed that a client could make the first ever bet at this casino however big he wanted it to be. The Texan applied to the owners of that casino with a request to make a bet of one million dollars at a craps round. His got an approval of such a big bet and came back with two suitcases: one containing $777,000 in cash, the other was empty.

The first round was very successful - the player won 1:1. He had an idea then to put a whole million, but happened to be too mean and brought all of the money home. His future was very predictable. William understood he ran into luck and decided to return to the casino.

This time he made a $590,000 bet and won again. He caught luck two more times - with $190,000 and $90,000 bets. In 1984 he finally made a resolve to take a gamble on $1,000,000.

However, this time he lost. And even though he won more than $600,000 from casino, he never recovered from his million dollar loss and committed suicide by shooting himself. Still he is an outstanding person in gambling history, known as a Suitcase Man.

Joseph Jaggers

Joseph Jaggers and his team decided to broke the bank of a casino through brainstorming, proving that one needs to be savvy but not only lucky to win big.

The entire team was watching and analyzing every rotation of roulette wheel, evaluating the speed of the wheel and the ball, defining the peculiarity of the way it works and so on. They made their conclusions and won a fantastic amount of money on that very evening - $325,000 in Monte Carlo casino.

Charles Wells

Charles Wells was a famous erstwhile criminal and con artist, who managed a whole casino go bankrupt. This story happened almost 20 years later after Jaggers and his team win a large sum of money from casino. In 1890 Wells broke the bank 12 times sitting at the roulette table for eleven hours. The fact that he was cheating at play was not identified.

In 1891 Charles kept on testing his luck by playing merely roulette. Using his own tactics and making huge bets he managed to win impressive amounts. Within the next three day he won 1,000,000 francs. Betting on 5 and Lady Luck was on his side 5 times in a row. The movie was made and a book was written about this iconic event.

Yet his tactics as well as a recipe for success are remain unknown. The Wells himself claimed it was just all about luck. A few years later he was found guilty of financial skullduggery and died in 1926 in poverty.



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