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Seven Card Stud

Do you know how to play 7-card stud?

Daniel Negreanu poker champion 7-card stud is one form of the game of stud poker, but there other variations such as 5-card stud. Some of these traditional poker variations are played at the WSOP.

7 Card Stud is a simple poker game that is easy enough for new players to pick up, but also challenging and interesting enough to hold your attention beyond the basic level. It’s a classic poker game that was very popular during the Second World War.

A good variation can be found at most free poker sites. The game begins with an ante, where every player puts a small predetermined amount of money into the pot to start it off. Beginning to the left of the dealer, each player receives 2 cards face down known as the “hole” or “pocket” cards and one card face up.

After each player looks at their hole cards to see what they’ve been dealt, the player who has the lowest card face up is required to place a small bet known as the “bring in”. Play then continues to that player’s left, and each player around the table can call, raise or fold their cards.

Once this betting round has been completed, each player is gets another card showed face up known as the “turn” card or the “Fourth Street”. Another round of betting takes place, but this time it is the player with the highest two cards showing who begins. From this point onwards, it is always the player with the highest combination of face up cards who starts the bet.

Once the second betting is complete, another is dealt to each player face down known as the “river” or the “Fifth Street”. Each player should now have three cards face up on the table. A round of betting follows, then another face up card is dealt to each player, bringing the total to four.

Another round of betting takes place before the last face up card is dealt. This is the fifth face up card for each player, but their seventh card in total including their hole cards. Each player now has their maximum amount of cards.

A final round of betting occurs after every player has seven cards. Each player must then reveal their hand at the showdown, and the player who is able to make the best five card hand from a combination of their hole and face up cards is the winner.

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