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Tips For Donks

Let's talk about donks and how to help them a bit

Daniel Negreanu poker champion

What is a donkey?

Or rather, what is a donkey at poker? Given the type of animal used, you do not except something too nice, do you?

Do not worry, the meaning of donk is not that bad. Indeed a donkey is a very bad poker player. If someone calls you a donkey in the chat box while playing online poker, this is not a compliment, but a very strong insult.

Donkey is part of poker lingo, and it is probably one of the most used terms. In fact it is so popular that there is an expression derived from it: donkament.

A donkament is a poker tournament, but it is thought that there are so many bad players at some of the online poker tournaments, or sometimes live tourneys as well, that these are called donkey tournaments, or in short donkaments.

We like donks very much. Without them online poker could not be as profitable as it possibly can, so all poker pros and semi-pros can thank the donkeys for their constant donations.

Ironically often players berate someone in the wrong context. For example they will become very irritated and call someone a donkey when they lose a big hand versus a draw, and the donkey called a few bets with very bad odds but miraculously hit his card at the river. Yes but this is poker, if you play against a donk and he is lucky, there is no real benefit in insulting him.

Because he may leave the table and then you miss the chance to get some of your money back. Or he may play differently after you emphasized his leaky play. It is never a great idea to berate other players at the poker table, true donkeys or not. There is much more downside than upside in doing that.

Below are some beginner Texas Hold'em tips for easy online money. Also good for donkeys who want to improve a bit. If you are a poker donkey, do not read this otherwise you may stop being a donk.

The number one tip is to raise in position pre flop. This will increase pot size and thin out the field. It will in addition lead to bigger pots when you have a high chance to win.

Another crucial tip advised by top winners is to never draw to the low end of a straight. Next, pit bosses advise that unconnected cards of medium and low level are often garbage. And Annie Duke suggests that you should fold low pairs unless it is very cheap to join the pot. These are three important tips to remember and your poker game will improve immediately.

One of the top casino masters has indicated that you should raise whenever you get a two way draw after the flop. The so-called lucky tip as it is usually mentioned is to raise with an ace or two high overcards after a worthless flop, when all the flop has is unconnected cards of medium and low rate.

Some pros say to learn to catch bluffers. Learn to guess if your opponents bluff to attempt to make you muck. Note that if a player looks like he is a shark (the opposite of a donkey) and then he suddenly begins to demonstrate sad or exhuberant feelings, she is often doing an Hollywood act trying to trick you.

Trying to be not too straightforward, you should learn to bluff on occasions, because this will add money to your bankroll. Top pot winners have recommended to study your opponent to detect if this opponent can be forced to fold with no effort, or if he bluffs a lot.

Poker strategy tips are not just poker in itself, but also other aspects of playing poker than have a strong impact on your results. Because you will spend a lot playing online poker if you are really into it, so it is much better to choose a software that fits your personality and has the casino deposit methods that you can use. After making your first deposit, you can start winning money right away. You do not need to be too skilled for pleasant and successful poker.



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