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SLEEP: Symbolistic Leak Entire Elimination Program

poker skills can help your dream come true

Our top ten poker leaks give the list of the most vicious leaks in online poker. For each leak, there is a detailed article explaining how to plug it. Here we present the general idea behind our Symbolistic Leak Entire Elimination Program.

Most of you know what a leak is. We repeat it here just in case. A leak is any habit or tendency in your game that cost you money over the long term. In online poker, a large part of our actions is somewhat mechanical. If there are fluid leaks in a mechanical system, it underperforms.

For example you may usually call a c-bet at the flop with a weak hand like second pair if the bet size does not exceed 2/3 of the pot. And if your hand does not improve by the turn, you always fold to the second barreling bet. This is predictable. This might be a leak albeit not the first kind to be worried about.

Correcting the leaks in your game is a major way to improve your poker skills. Leaks are very hard to combat because they are ingrained habits, and like all of you know, old habits do not die easily. We present here our unique method, SLEEP.

Let us imagine that you have ten bad habits that you want to eradicate. Would you try to eliminate them all at once? No, we know that this is impossible. The way to solve this problem is to focus on one habit at a time. Spend some time minimizing one bad habit until you transform it to a new habit which is less detrimental. Try to partially clog this specific leak.

Then move to the next leak, focus during your play on decreasing its impact, until you have managed to partially plug the old leak, getting a new smaller leak instead. And continue for each leak one by one in a rotating fashion until you are back to the first leak.

not folding enough in poker

For each leak, SLEEP associates a mental image representing it. As humans we use symbols all the time and they are great means to carry a concept. For each leak you must have a mental image representing it. Let us take the example of the biggest leak for beginning or intermediate players, not folding enough.

Our symbol for leak #1 is a folded note bill. The symbolism is very clear. It you do not fold enough, your money will go away. Anytime you feel like you are too loose and this is costing you chips, close your eyes and imagine the symbolic picture. Then take the necessary actions that will make you fold more, such as studying a starting hand chart or reading strategy articles to help you play winning hands.

not raising enough in poker

After you have spent some time working on your first leak and gained a new habit of folding more, it is time to focus on the next leak. In our program it is leak #2 not raising enough, but every player is different and you may adapt our method to your own needs. The image associated with leak #2 is very symbolic as well; it is very hard to raise enough as the weight lifter shows.

Spend time on each leak and when you have worked on each one, you should be a better player with smaller leaks. The leaks will still be there because poker leaks do not normally disappear that fast. The key is to increase your self-awareness of your own leaks and to make the efforts to try to plug them.

The idea behind SLEEP is to use a mental image for each leak. Also called an ideogram, such mental image is more quickly processed by the brain than text. As the idiom says, one image is worth one thousand words. Use these images to represent and fight your leaks.

For each of your leaks, associate it with one image. Use the symbolistic images to help you focus on each leak when you feel that the leak is opening up. If you are really interested in becoming a winning poker player, one of your priorities should be to plug your leaks. Use our SLEEP method to help you fix your leaks.

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