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How to play re-buy tournaments

Amount of buy-ins to spend in a re-buy tournament

sexy female player Be careful when you play re-buy tournaments to really understand the bankroll implications.

When approaching a re-buy tournament you never want to put more into it then you will get out of it.

Basically, if you are a novice or beginner, whatever the minimum cash will end up at is what you ideally want to invest in it.

If you start a re-buy tournament by losing a number of hands in a row, and buy-in after buy-in, it is best sometimes to just call it quits.

The number of buy-ins will tend to be around five or six entries. If the bankroll you currently have isn’t that big, re-buy tournaments can seriously hurt your bankroll if you aren’t careful with them.

Understanding rebuy tournaments

To avoid a big bankroll blunder it is best to stay away from them until you have enough where you can comfortably play them.

When you buy-in to a re-buy tournament you can almost always get double your stack size, and invest two buy-ins into it right away. This should be what you do always.

If you decide to only buy-in for the original amount you will have half of the chips as other players at the table. This will instantly put you at a disadvantage and is not ideal for the nature of the tournament. If you start off with fewer chips, it will be harder to build a stack and your opponents can put more pressure on you.

If your bankroll is massive compared to the tournament obviously you can spend more money and buy-ins into the tournament. If you do this, over the long run, it will drain a bankroll slowly.

Best way to play re-buy tournaments

If the bankroll you are working with has ample funds though you can use it effectively in one way. If you feel like you are by far the best player at the table then you will want the most chips to be at that table. If you continuously shove your stack in early on in a re-buy tournament you will build your table up to have tons of chips.

Even if you don’t have a great deal of chips when the re-buy period ends, in the long run of a tournament you will be able to pick spots and gather all of the chips you originally bought in for back in to your stack. It is a return on your investment essentially, but, is riskier than playing the tournament only looking to spend a small amount of money.

If you choose this you have to be confident in your play and recognize every player at the table’s strengths and weaknesses. Some of the better players with ample bankrolls will use this strategy because it can give away tells of players at the table that the shark can later use to exploit the fish.

Basically, if you feel you are better than the players at the table, you are not over exuding; you are investing in a final table for yourself.

If there are a ton of chips at your table you are giving yourself a much better chance to have a lot of chips at the end and win the tournament.

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