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HU SNGs (No-limit holdem)

Bertrand Grospellier pokerstars When sitting down and choosing your heads up sit and go tables you are able to see who you could play and who is already in the lobby for the games.

With the Internet and tracking websites out there, looking up these players to see if they have a positive win rate playing heads ups should be something you do on the regular. If you play the higher limit games this is almost a must, but if you play the lower stakes games the people you play doesn’t matter so much.

Starting off a heads up sit and go the blinds will be small compared to the size of your stack. With the blinds so small you should test your opponent out early on by raising from the button with almost every hand. By doing this you can see if your opponent is tight or aggressive.

They will be folding, calling, or raising you back. If you see that they are folding a lot of hands in a row this will tell you to avoid playing big pots with them. You can pick up pot after pot by raising pre-flop and slowly win the match from them without seeing the flop most of the time.

If your opponent happens to call your raise a lot this may win the match very quickly for you or lose the match quickly for you. Ideally, you want them to call when you have big hands and fold when you are stealing the blinds, but in this case a flop bet of half the pot is the standard continuation bet.

If you stay consistent with half pot bets on the flop they will have no clue what your hands are and eventually just call out of curiosity with weaker hands like middle pair or small pocket pairs. Hopefully, when they do that you will have the hand to take their chips.

Approaching the later portion in a heads up sit's go match when the blinds are big, if you are evenly matched in chips with your opponent you can win the match by taking risks at this stage.

If you each have less than 20 big blinds there is no sense in raising pre-flop anymore unless you have big pocket pairs or hands like AK and AQ where you want them in the pot. You should only make minimum raises at this stage with big hands because you want them to move their stack in back over the top of you.

If you open for three big blinds before the flop they have no fold equity because they have to assume you will call. A minimum raise can entice a weak hand to shove in and you can end the match right there.

Depending on what your opponent is doing you should shove all-in with a wider range of starting hands. Anything that is better than king high should instantly go all-in.

The reason for it is because the blinds at this stage are huge compared to stack sizes. If you are the one applying the pressure and your opponent doesn’t wake up with any hands you can blind them down to nothing without having to showdown your hands.

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