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Zoom Poker

The fastest online poker game officially launched Zoom Poker in May 2012, a high speed version of online poker which allows players to play hundreds of hands per hour!

Each Zoom Poker Lobby has a large number of players, and as one hand ends, users will be transported immediately to another table.

It is a high speed poker to the extreme, no more waiting in between hands, as a new hand starts instantly after the previous hand ends, at a new table, with a new set of opponents.

Zoom Poker Features

PokerStars offers their new game type at all limits, everything from the micro limits to middle to high stakes. Limits currently range from $0.01/$0.02 to $2.50/$5.00, at No Limit Hold Em’ but will likely be expanded. Other games are also offered, such as Limit Hold'Em, Pot Limit Omaha and even Five Card Draw.


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Fast Fold Button

This unique feature is what makes Zoom Poker so special. It allows players to either play their hand, as they would normally, or use the ‘Fast Fold’ button to quickly move to a new table, and a new hand.

Players will not be folding out of turn, as your avatar and cards are still present at your last table – even after you have begun playing your new hand. If you are last to act, your hand will simply be folded when it gets to your turn to act.

Mobile Capabilities

Players can also play the fastest poker in the world, while they are on the go!

Zoom Poker is fully functional with the PokerStars Mobile App, allowing players to play speed poker from anywhere in the world. It is simple, just install the mobile app, and you are in the game.

Zoom Strategy

Zoom Poker is abundantly similiar to ‘Rush Poker’ a product of the new defunct Full Tilt Poker. So, the idea is not entirely new to the online poker world.

Many online players have played hundreds of thousands of hands at Rush Poker and have built a solid strategy for Zoom Poker. Here, are some basic tips to help you hold your own when you hit the Zoom tables.

Take It Slow

PokerStars is the largest online poker room in the world, so there are thousands of players playing Zoom at all hours of the day, with dozens of tables going. PokerStars even increased their four table Zoom Poker maximum table limit to eight tables. That is some heavy duty concentration!

If you are new to Zoom Poker, and have not played other variants such as Rush Poker, take it slow. Try one or two tables of Zoom and get a feel for the game. It can seem almost surreal playing at first, as players are used to the normal pauses between hands during a poker game.

Even at two tables of Zoom, a player is playing hundreds and hundreds of hands an hour. If you are new to this type of poker game, learn the ins and outs for a few sessions, develop your poker strategy before you move up, or add a larger number of tables.


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Selective Aggression

Since so many of your opponents will be folding a decent portion of their starting hands without thinking, (fast fold button) it is vital to open up your stealing range, especially from the cutoff and button. Even playable hands may be folded to raises or steal attempts, as players know they can quickly move on to the next hand.

Of course, as you take notes and learn more about your opponents, you will be able to be more selective with your steal attempts, and avoid opponents who seem to play back at you.

Your Image

In a standard poker game, if you start raising the blinds every time you are on the button, players would begin to adjust and raise you for your aggressive play. When playing Zoom that may not be the case, because your opponents do not know how aggressive you are.

Your table image is much less of consideration because you change tables every hand. Sure, you will meet some of the same players, and they will pick up on your tendencies, but table image is a lot less influential in Zoom due to the new cycle of players each hand.

Zoom Poker has poker players wondering everywhere. Is this the next big thing for poker?

Stay Off Autopilot

Zoom Poker is still the same old poker game, it is not optimal to never bluff or play extremely passive waiting for a set. Even though, you are seeing a much large number of hands per hour, you are also paying your blinds just as fast.

Waiting for top tier hands, and being extremely passive will cost you the same amount as if you are playing a poker game at normal speed. Sitting there forever waiting for the nuts, will not raise your game or your win rate.

Current State Of Zoom Poker

Vanessa Rousso plays at pokerstars Most players currently playing Zoom Poker at Pokerstars are extremely passive. They seem rarely bluff, and do not seem to get it all in pre flop unless they have Aces or Kings.

It is a predictable, transparent ABC style, and one that most experienced players can take advantage of.

If you hold a weak or moderate holding, and are facing heavy aggression, you are likely beat a large percentage of the time. 3-bets usually mean business, and pre flop shoves should not be called lightly.

Of course, you can take advantage of the weak passive play by bluffing a little more, being more aggressive with steals, and continuation betting more frequently.

Many players, if they miss the flop, will fold quickly to a c-bet and move onto their next hand.

Good luck at the tables!


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