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Book Review

Title:  Hold'em Wisdom for all Players
Author:  Daniel Negreanu
Publisher:  Cardoza
Price:  $10.17
Pages:  176
ISBN:  1580422101
rating:  texas holdem poker book review stars

Daniel Negreanu is one of the most charismatic and successful poker players in recent history, with 4 WSOP bracelets, 2 WPT titles and numerous appearances on various TV shows such as Poker after Dark and High Stakes Poker. In Hold'em Wisdom for all Players, Daniel Negreanu presents some of his tips and tactics in the form of 50 short essays.

The book is geared toward tournament no-limit play, but cash game players and limit-players will also find bits of advice. Its content which focuses well on the key tactics of modern hold'em will be very helpful for beginners to intermediate players, less for advanced players who already know this material. Anyway even if the content is known to some of the readers, it will not hurt to read this well organized refresher course from one of today's best poker players.

Each chapter of Holdem Wisdom for all Players provides an analysis of one aspect of the game. Playing against calling stations, playing against maniacs, playing against a bully, playing with a short stack, levels of thinking, and many more strategy nuggets. Many aspects of Texas Hold'em poker are presented including some hand examples.

There are a number of interesting lists in the book. Top ten rookies mistakes and five reasons why you are losing at poker highlight beginners' mistakes. The top ten trouble hands are according to Daniel J8, AT, KQ, AXs, KT, AJ, Q9, KJ, JJ & AQ. And the top ten myths about poker answers questions such as the legality of poker.

Other useful pieces of wisdom are "Don't get married with aces", "Stealing blinds" and "Home run hitters versus Small Ball Players". The latter explains Daniel Negreanu's favorite playing style, the so-called small ball approach.

Chapter 49 will be of interest to many poker players as it is titled "Dealing with bad beats". Taking bad beats is one of the most painful experience for many poker players. Daniel's recommendations are summarized into three don't and three do.

The three don't are don't tell bad beat stories, don't go on tilt and don't let your opponents see your sweat. The three do are take some time off, player smaller limits and stay positive.

This fun and easy to read poker book will give good pointers to novice and intermediate players about what they need to focus on when they start playing Texas Hold'em poker. Daniel Negreanu is as enjoyable to read as he is fun to watch on TV.

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