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Book Review

Title:  Million Dollar Hold'em
 Limit Cash Games
Author:  Johnny Chan & Mark Karowe
Publisher:  Cardoza Publishing
Price:  $22.01
Pages:  350
ISBN:  1580422004
rating:  texas holdem poker book review stars
Johnny Chan Million Dollar Hold'em Limit Cash Games

There is no need to introduce Johnny Chan. The ten WSOP bracelets holder is one of the best professional poker players in the world. A regular at TV shows such as Poker After Dark, he has been at the center of the poker scene for the past twenty years.

In Million Dollar Hold'em Limit Cash Games, Johnny Chan reveals some of his secrets of profitable Fixed Limit Texas Holdem Poker. This is a very specialized book about Fixed Limit Holdem divided into ten sections.

Million Dollar is a very practical poker book. Each section starts with a short theoretical summary of the key concepts presented, followed by many hand examples with commentaries. Each hand is explained in great detail street by street, with a nice graphical table representation that facilitates the understanding.

Some of the interesting ideas in the book are open bet-bluffing from the blinds, how to play suited connectors or trash hands with the proper implied odds, aggressive play to take control of a hand, making tough folds & tough bets and mixing up your play.

The mantra of the book is how to extract maximum value from a hand, and each hand is different. Sometimes it is better to slow play, other times it is advised to bet into a raiser, etc. A few more among the numerous concepts are allowing your opponents to bet for you, adjusting to loose-aggressive games, 3-betting to narrow the field, isolating a weak hand, protecting your hand, dealing with scare cards, etc.

Million Dollar Hold'em Limit Cash Games is written in an enjoyable conversational tone like if Johnny Chan were across the table explaining you how to think your way through the betting of a hand.

Additional material includes bankroll management and other lifestyle advice to play under the best possible conditions and maximize your wealth. Read this book if you want to bring your Fixed Limit Hold'em Poker to the next level.


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