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No limit heads up freeze out sit and go’s

Celina Lin sexy poker star No limit heads up Freeze out Sit and go’s are a new and evolving way of ballooning your bankroll in a hurry.

When playing this game you will be raising almost every hand and playing hands with aggression throughout.

In heads up play it is unique because you only have one opponent in front of you and most of the times you can choose who you want to play.

A good way to make it easier on yourself is to sit against people who you’ve seen lose and people who you feel you are better than.

At the higher level SNG heads ups, it is more imperative to do this rather than the lower level heads ups. Most of the time at a low level heads up you can take control of pots and win hands easier.

A standard raise in a heads up is three times the big blind before the flop. Continuing with 75% of the pot on the flop is the best way to play from the button.

Most of the time, you will get a fold from your opponent on the flop. The times that they don’t lay their hand down, you can check back and hopefully catch up on the river.

Players who will check and call boards are players who aren’t utilizing the check raise. It does make sense if you feel your opponent is aggressive to check call them with top pair and hopefully they move their stack in on the turn or river.

You can force this more on your opponent though by check raising and betting at almost every opportunity. When you are forcing your opponent to tough decisions in heads up play is when you can run over them and scoop up their money.

A good portion of times simply playing aggressive can coast you through heads ups, but it is when you get caught once that you have to grind out a heads up. When your opponent has 2k and you have 1k in chips your whole demeanor should change. You should change your raises before the flop from three big blinds to 2.5 or 2 big blinds.

Of course if you do get hands to make the three times the blind raise, but to cut your losses and try and grind back a min raise or 2.5 raise is the best strategy before the flop. When you start to win chips back then you can open your game up again.

When the blinds get to 50/100 with 3k chips in play and stacks are even this is where you should be stacking all-in more times than not. A lot of the time if you are on the button you should move in with just a face card. At this point in the heads up is where you have to be prepared to gamble, and go in for the win.

If you can attack with the all-in play at this point in the game, you will get a lot of folds from better hands, and when they finally do call you can get lucky in a hand or actually be holding the best hand.

The online poker room with the largest selection of heads-up sit'n go's is PokerStars. At the low to mid level buy-ins there are so many games going that waiting time is practically zero. And you can also play higher stakes where you can select your opponents and target the fish or maniacs for maximum profit.


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