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How to Bet on Sports Events

Did you know you can bet on basketball matches?

basketball dunk

In 2023, it is possible to bet on multiple sports, including:

  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Rugby
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Handball
  • American football

But you can also bet on many other sports such as biathlon, boxing, golf, cycling, ice hockey, MMA, motorcycling, formula 1, snooker, table tennis, etc. There are specialized websites that provide all kinds of statistics like today's basketball games, so you are better equipped to make the correct bets.

There are 3 main types of sports betting:

  • Simple: the simplest and most basic prediction you pair with on a match - not too risky, your potential gain also will remain low.
  • Combined/Multiple: with this type of bet, you can place several bets on different matches. Each prediction must be correct for your combination bet to be correct.
  • System: it is also a combined type bet but your selections do not necessarily have to be all right to win your prediction. It is therefore less risky than the classic combined bet.

Sports betting in history

We know that sports betting already existed in ancient Greece, but it was the Romans with chariot races and gladiator fights that really developed them. In Europe, their appearance dates from the Middle Ages with new disciplines such as archery and jousting on foot or on horseback. But it was in the 19th century with horse racing that sports betting really took off there.

And it was finally in the 90s, with the arrival of the Internet, that everything accelerated in the world of sports betting. Online bookmakers appeared, everyone could then bet on most sports competitions in the world from the comfort of their home. This sudden development of sports betting has unfortunately caused the appearance of many illegal gambling sites. Governments all over the world have therefore adopted the gambling laws which regulates online gambling.

The main objectives of these gambling laws are to:

  • Prevent excessive gambling and addictions
  • Ensure the integrity and transparency of gaming operations
  • Prevent fraudulent and criminal activity
  • Protect minors

How to manage your player account balance?

In the world of sports betting, there is a term that you will often hear, it is that of bankroll. It simply corresponds to the budget that you allocate to your future sports bets. Good management is of course essential to winning and having fun doing it.

Your initial budget should be considered by asking yourself the following question: can I lose everything? All professional bettors will tell you that it is best to register with several operators in order to benefit from different promotions and above all to be able to compare odds. Your calculations must therefore always take into account all of your bankrolls.

Next, don't bet "by flair", no one has ever succeeded this way, but rather keep an excel table to track your bets. If you have a small bankroll, be patient. Go slowly and everything will be fine. If you rush things, chances are you'll lose everything. Usually wager between 2 and 5% of your balance each time.

If you have a large bankroll, the risk is to be less concentrated. Since you have some means in this case, you may no longer calculate too much, you play a little randomly and it is not good at all. Stay focused and always bet with everything assessed and calculated. In the same way, avoid the "tilt" very common among bettors by betting impulsively to immediately make up for a lost bet.

Which are the errors to avoid in sports betting?

Zero risk does not exist when betting on sports, but you can still avoid big mistakes, the so-called rookie mistakes. The main ones to avoid are:

  • Attempt to recover by multiplying unconsidered bets and increasing the odds.
  • Succumbing to emotions, especially after a loss, forgetting that you can't control everything.
  • Bet without knowing, especially on exotic matches.
  • Going too fast in the analysis of matches and teams by omitting certain external factors (weather, state of the pitch, etc.).
  • Betting on a single bookmaker and therefore not having the possibility of comparing odds.
  • Blindly betting on a team that you think is a lucky charm or your favorite team.
  • Betting even if you don't think it's worth it. Not betting is always an option, there is no obligation, even if your entourage puts pressure on you.
  • Betting your entire bankroll on a single bet that you think is safe.
  • Avoid combined bets over the long term, which are difficult to make profitable.




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