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888 Poker Review: One of the best

888 Poker Is Our All Time Favorite Online Poker Room

888 Poker has been my personal favorite for a great many years now, ever since I started playing there, in the early days of online poker when it was known as Pacific Poker. Iíve played at many online poker sites over the years but I have spent more time playing here than anywhere else. This is because this is simply an outstanding online poker room.

I used to be an online poker coach back in the day and my first lesson to my students was that it really matters where you play, and I used to have them all open an account at Pacific Poker and just moving here from wherever else they were playing made a difference. I had them try out some other sites as well but Pacific Poker ended up being the one they loved playing at the most, as did I.

Pacific Poker didnít promote their poker room very heavily back then though, they were much more concerned with promoting their casino, which was the worldís favorite online casino back then and still is, and this by the way shows us that they really know what they are doing to be as successful as they are.

888 Pokerís Transformation

A few years ago though they decided to change the name of their poker room to 888 Poker to match the name of their casino, which had been called 888 all along, but the change was more than just with the name. Pacific Poker was so good simply because the poker there was so good, the software was clunky and outdated, the promotions were a pittance, yet people didnít really care that much because thatís how good it was to play there in spite of all of this.

So with the rebirth of their poker room, 888 brought it all up to world class standards, and the people who missed out by complaining about things like the old software or the lack of a good frequent player program now started to come over, and the word also got spread more about the place, and before too long, 888 Poker had risen to where it is today, an extremely popular place to play online poker.

Traffic here has always been good, more than good enough, but now itís fantastic, and only Poker Stars has more traffic, although the traffic at 888 is much fishier, and with more traffic what you want is more easier players, not more tougher ones.

Benefits Of Playing At 888 Poker

888 Poker didnít just update the place, they took the lead in offering players a leading edge and innovative experience. The software here now is the best in the business, the rewards are now very generous, and they still get a lot of their players from the casino as always, the kind of players that poker players love to play against. There are more real poker players here than there used to be, but the site is still loaded with the weaker ones that we really prefer to see.

888 Poker works hard at attracting you, with a great bonus offer, and they even allow those who arenít ready to deposit yet a chance to try them out with real money first if they wish. Once they have attracted your attention, their goal is to keep you playing there, and their numbers speak for themselves as far as their player retention goes, as the people who come here really do tend to stick around, as evidenced by their player traffic.

888 Poker now also has a very nice reward program where players get rewarded for trying them out and also get rewarded nicely for staying. Thereís also lots of interesting promotions that go on. What stands out the most though is how hard they have worked and continue to work on being innovative, with several things offered here that are offered nowhere else.

Regardless of the type or format of poker you want to play, they have it here, the game selection here is abundant. While you wonít see the sheer amount of tables running at every stake like you do at Poker Stars, and may not be able to play 24 tables at the same stake at once, these arenít the players we want to see at the poker sites we play at anyway, so this is a good thing.

Everyone Needs To Try 888 Poker

Itís best to actually experience a poker room for yourself, and see why so many people love it, and see why 888 Poker has won the Poker Room of the Year Award several years running. If you like to play casino games as well, you can play at the worldís best online casino, and if you like to bet on sports, well they have a great sports betting platform as well, up to their very high standards.

Even if they werenít about to pay you with bonus cash to try them out, 888 Poker is simply such a good poker room that this alone should entice you to do it. The free money is nice though. Just go ahead and grab it and see what Iíve been talking about for yourself.

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888Poker Summary

If you are really interested in online poker, then playing online poker at 888 is the right choice.

And the $400 match-up bonus is one more reason to sign up.

Whatever the type of poker you like, ring game, tournament, exotic games, micro or high stakes, every poker variation and format is active at 888 Poker.


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