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AHK Review: A

An automation tool very useful to Online Poker Players

As you develop as an online poker player, you will progressively establish a playing routine. For example, when you start a poker playing session, you may first open a few poker software like the PokerStars client and the Poker Office & Smart Buddy poker tools.

Then you would open poker tables, and if you are a multi-tabler, let us say that you open eight tables. You might have a preferred layout and size for your tables, so that you need to rearrange the tables as they get opened. Etc. A lot of these tasks need to be repeated days in and days out anytime you play online poker. They are boring and time-consuming.

AHK is a special tool that can help you automate all the tasks necessary to manage your online poker hobby. It will automate not just repetitive daily tasks, but also more advanced tasks that can help you play more effectively and rapidly.

A scripting language to handle repetitive tasks

AHK stands for AutoHotKey. A hotkey is a key that performs a predefined set of functions. For instance Ctrl F8 could be defined as a shortcut key or hotkey that runs all the tasks defined in the previous section.

AHK is a free open source automation software tool based on its own scripting language. All programs in AHK are called scripts, and typically you associate a key or button with a given script, which performs its list of automated tasks.

All the actions that a user can do, such as moving the mouse, launching a program, clicking & double clicking, etc can be scripted in AHK. The language includes all the standard features of a programming language, such as loops, manipulating files, functions, etc.

A lot of free online poker AHK scripts available

Fortunately for all online poker players, a lot of standard AHK scripts have already been written and are freely available on the Internet. So you will not have to code scripts yourself if you do not want to, as the available scripts provide a tremendous amount of functionality already.

This large list of AHK scripts is a very good starting source for free AHK scripts.

Examples of popular scripts are:

You need to do your own research and find or adapt the scripts that best fit your needs. AHK is a tool for intermediate or advanced online poker players, but not beginners. If you are a beginner using AHK when you start playing poker online, it will not help you and may distract you instead.

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