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Book Review

Title:  Every Hand revealed
Author:  Gus Hansen
Publisher:  Citadel
Price:  $10.85
Pages:  370
ISBN:  0818407271
rating:  texas holdem poker book review stars

In Every Hand Revealed, Gus Hansen minutely chronicles every hand that he played at the 2007 Aussie Millions, leading to his victory and first prize of 1.5 million Australian dollars. He provides a glimpse of what it really takes to win a big field, high buy-in tournament. It is a long journey with ups and downs and huge mental pressure.

Every Hand Revealed is a truly fascinating poker book as it narrates all of what went through a top player's mind during a large tournament. It explains the logical underpinnings of Gus's strategy and demonstrates the thinking process behind every hand played during this major poker tournament.

329 hands are presented (uninteresting mucked hands are skipped), each with the details of what went through Gus' mind at the time. Additional analysis is delivered through 21 hands designated as 'crucial hands' that proved especially pivotal. The book ends with Gus' "Stats and Tips".

Because Gus Hansen recorded all his hands and thoughts in a portable tape recorder while they were unfolding at the table, the content of Every Hand Revealed is, to our knowledge, unmatched in poker history. This is a unique record of the tactics of one of the best poker players of our time.

One of the key concepts in Every Hand Revealed is to analyze the pro and cons of each action and choose the best action, as Gus explains the different options offered to him and what possible scenarios they may entail.

Gus' strategy lies upon a deep understanding of table dynamics, the importance of blind/ante structures and their changes as the tournament advances, how to use poker psychology, how to take advantage of other players' timid play, strategic changes as the tournament progresses and difference between full table and short-handed strategies.

Gus Hansen' style can be described as very loose-aggressive, seeing a maximum number of flops and then exerting maximum pressure on his opponents. It is quite amazing to see the kind of hole cards he plays and still manages to get away with it. This is what it takes nowadays to win major poker tournaments.

Every Hand Revealed is a great book for MTT enthusiasts, but cash or SNG players will also gain from its guidance. The poker math content is minimal but precise, and the emphasis is on the narration, the perception, with some humorous passages along the way.

Gus Hansen is one of the best players in the world and one of the pros at Full Tilt Poker. His informed strategic thinking is brilliant and players of all levels will benefit from reading this revealing book.


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