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Book Review

Title:  Winning Poker Tournaments One Hand at a Time
Author:  Eric 'Rizen' Lynch, Jon Pearljammer' Turner
& Jon 'Apestyles' Van Fleet
Publisher:  Dimat Enterprises
Price:  $19.79
Pages:  423
ISBN:  0974150274
rating:  texas holdem poker book review stars

Winning Poker Tournaments one hand at a hand belongs to the new specimen of poker books breaking away from the tradition of the past few decades. These innovative books offer unpublished information written by the new generation of professional online poker players.

Winning Poker Tournaments is a rare gem delivering in great depth the secret tactics of the three co-authors who are both renowned online tournament professionals with total combined winnings of over 6 millions dollars.

Instead of being a poker treatise with fitted hand examples, the book format is unusual and follows in the footstep of Gus Hansen's Every Hand Revealed. There are 194 sections, each one corresponding to the analysis of one hand drawn from the actual tournament history of one of the authors. Within each section, the authors explain in great details their thought and decision making process as the hand unravels step by step.

The book is divided into four parts. The first three parts are each selected hands from one of the authors with his own analysis, while the last part is made up of the so-called collaborative hands, which are real hands played by Matthew Hilger, another player and writer, and analyzed in a discussion format by the three co-authors. Some of the themes covered are deep-stack and short-stack strategies, playing draws, bubble play, continuation bets, how to induce, pick off bluffs, etc.

The first fifty hands are from Jon "PearlJammer" Turner's tournament history. PearlJammer is a very well known online poker tournament specialist, regarded as one of the best tight-aggressive online players by his peers.

He shows hands from early, middle and bubble stage. His thinking is sharp and clear. He explains how to reach the best action at each step. Fold AQ preflop if necessary. You may 3-bet allin QQ, but you need to know why. And many other situations. His hand reading skill is demonstrated at each example.

This is a unique and precious material from the online poker scene and if you are serious about your Texas Hold'em Poker tournament skills, you must purchase this book. These top poker guns offer their extensive experience and cutting poker edge strategy in a very enjoyable to read book. You will learn a lot by going through the thought process of these consistent winners. Do not share this book with your friends

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