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Do we need Online Poker Rooms Reviews?

poker fish and poker shark What most people do when they start playing online poker is search the Internet for information. There are more than 300 online poker rooms and it can be a daunting task to decide which one to try.

The recommended method is to use a search engine such as google and type your keywords of interest. For example, online poker rooms reviews.

Unfortunately the Internet is still infected with spam and low content advertisement, so it can be difficult sometimes to know which source of information to trust.

Our Online Poker Rooms Reviews

For online poker players, the top five most important elements to choose a poker room are:

  1. the bonus & reward program,
  2. loose games,
  3. security,
  4. quality of software,
  5. support and ease of money transfers.

Here at, we have selected our top ten and secure online poker rooms, and you may wonder how different our list is from the other ones.

Simple. We selected the poker rooms fullfilling the top five criteria which provide the maximum player safisfaction. There is one criterion which is highly correlated to the top five criteria mentioned above: traffic. This is why half of our selected rooms are in the top 5 or 6 as measured by traffic.

Rooms with larger traffic have a larger selection of games and a big marketing budget, so there always will be weaker players to be found there. They have a revenue stream which can pay for top of the line software, advanced forensic systems and support teams available 24/7. They usually offer excellent sign on bonus and frequent player incentives.

For us experienced players and online poker rooms reviewers, traffic is "usually" the most important aspect to consider first. With traffic, you will have choice. And you will not need to wait for a specific cash game or tournament format to become available.

You will have choice of games types beyond No-Limit Hold'em, such as Fixed-Limit Hold'em, Omaha and its variants, Seven-Card Stud and HORSE. Also choice of structure such as full ring, 6-max or heads up. For example, small rooms have no or nearly no heads up action.

You will have choice of blind or buy-in level. The micro limits such as $0.05/0.10 are available in nearly every single online poker room, but the higher the level, the more rarefied the list of offerings. Only a few rooms have action at $5/$10 or above.

You will have choice of table. At the bigger rooms, there are dozens of tables at low or mid-limits such as $1/$2 NLHE. You can apply table selection and use fish finder techniques.

You will have choice of when you want to play. A room with traffic will have sit'n go & MTT tournaments of various buy-in levels starting all the time. You just need to login and choose which one you want to join.

Online Poker Room reviews criteria

One important aspect that online poker rooms reviews must address is the integrity of the poker rooms they recommend. The parameter that is the most highly correlated with the integrity of a room is the size of its traffic. The bigger the room, the more qualified players will scrutinize it, ask questions and run statistical tests. This is how the cheaters at Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet were detected. Cheating at a small poker room may go on undetected for years. Also bigger poker rooms have larger forensic & security teams and much more to lose if their reputation is tarnished.

Note that Absolute Poker, Ultimate Bet or the new merged company called Cereus are not in our list of rooms reviews. We do not support cheaters. If you see a website promoting them, be cautious!

Our online poker rooms reviews also include rooms with medium traffic, but we do not recommend any room with small or minuscule traffic. In any case our emphasis is to only suggest the most secure online card rooms.

These medium rooms in our list were selected for other reasons than purely traffic. First their traffic is large enough to provide a great playing experience. Second they may offer a great deposit bonus. Their games may be very loose and juicy.

Or they may have a fantastic frequent player programs. Or they could be a good place for beginners to learn the game.

These medium-sized rooms are attractive to both beginners and intermediate players.

For new players, they offer a way to learn in their micro-limit games while grinding their generous poker bonus. As a new player, you do not need huge traffic, as you must first pay attention to developing your poker skills. Nearly any table will do.

For intermediate players, there are source of potential profit because on one hand the traffic is too small to attract the mega-sharks, on the other hand there is enough traffic to feed baby sharks. There is a good flow of new players and very few strong regulars. If you are a poker shark, give it a try.

Finally, the other elements to qualify as a very good online poker room in our list are the following. Efficient, fast & enjoyable software. Good customer service. Easiness of deposting & withdrawing funds. Good supply of tournaments, guaranteed, freerolls and sit' go.

Check our top ten rooms now!

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